On Feb 2020, a deadly virus spread in The Everywhere.
In a place far away, called The Elsewhere,
feelings, sounds and images mixed for a year.
12 segments to tell this story.
A year everyone will remember.

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At the beginning of the pandemic, when the shelter in place began, the daily bulletins were the only source of communications available.

They scared the world with their disastrous numbers and viral red dots multiplying around the world.


the bulletin

Displacement in place

Under a rain of sounds
In time, one learned that when the noise of the world becomes unbearable,
looking for silence was the only solution.
The path to silence makes the sounds
behave in a different way.
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Letters from the silence

A message from the Elsewhere

To all the loved ones
Suddenly, the borders between lands became impassable. Distances became ancient again.
But wherever we are, we share the same moon.
πŸ“ 38.442004,-122.534604
πŸ”­ Celestron C11

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Friends far away

From planet earth, the moon is full Everywhere

"Living means taking sides"
–Antonio Gramsci

When the evil forces reach the gates of our boundaries,
resistance is the only possible action.
The sweet smell of victory guides our ascent to the new level of existence, the one in our dreams.
πŸ“ 40.802222, -119.185854

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The resistance

Every reaction has an action

After the sunset
We escaped, cruising on desert roads.
πŸ“ 40.120888,-123.822731
πŸ“· Canon 6d

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Nocturnal Wild Animals

Conspiring against the ghosts of tomorrow

After the sunrise
It was a long night of driving,
the light of the day gave us new eyes towards America.
"America is neither dream nor reality. It is a hyperreality."
A chapter of America, by Jean Baudrillard

πŸ“ 34.80164,-119.29437
πŸ“· Canon 6d

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Astral America

The hyperreality

Feeling ourselves lost, away form everything,
the thought goes to our fathers and the
wisdom of their hands.

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father's hands

Ancestral widsom

New perspectives
Ancestral wisdom allows us to zoom out,
see time as a spatial dimension.
Curves moving allover.

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The ups and downs of everything

Es ‍
Es is the intrapsychic instance that
represents the voice of nature.

When the voice of nature emerges from the noise,
we seek it as the only source of truth.
But our distance from the present moment,
makes it elusive.
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The voice of nature

Inspired by the book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

When nature and the present become closer,
we enter the channel where everything flows.

πŸ“ 33.155964,-116.1968176
πŸ“· Canon G11

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The flow of things

Thinking, Fast and Slow
Inspired by the book by Daniel Kahneman

In the space where our thoughts find convergence,
thinking slow is needed before the future arrives.

πŸ“ 37.609752, -121.678913
πŸ“· Canon 6d

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Thinking slow

After the flow

To the future
A kid needs distant horizons and starry skies.
A wish to all of us to grab the innocence and hold it strongly in our fists.

πŸ“ 37.87838,-122.60725
πŸ“· Canon 6d

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One eye to infinity

One eye to immediacy, one eye to infinity

Segments from Isolation
Designed and produced at The Elsewhere Studio.
Mixed and mastered at Hyde Street Studios.
San Francisco, California.
2021 Eclectic Electric Recordings / Animalanima